Saturday, April 19, 2014

P is for Pretense - #atozchallenge

Post education experience in real life at different places reveals some insightful behavior of pretense mentality.

I partially blame books similar to and inclusive of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" which can be misunderstood to override reactions from cold vibes of a personality trait.

Social acceptance and/or relevance pressures many people to use Pretense of an individual.

Genuine gem of a person who are calm and aware of this do not use Pretense and that is what differentiates them from the crowd.

Did you ever feel pressured to be what you think someone else thought you ought to be?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Only If - #atozchallenge

Other things aside, the thing I least respect includes regret over missed Opportunities.

Hear any story of missed Opportunities and you will hear Only if.

Only If I had chosen wisely, I would have had a better career. yada yada yada.

The way to relook at things with a positve attitude is to substitute Only if with Next Time.

Next Time, I reach that position, I know what I do will make it better.

What are you going to Next Time ?

N is for Now - #atozchallenge

Never underestimate yourself.

As much as you try, waking up 7 days of the week with the same positive frame of mind it becomes laborious to keep yourself motivated to the same extent.

Nothing unites like a common enemy, Nothing motivates like knowledge. As simple as it can be Time is a factor which keeps on moving and never waits for those who procrastinate. It rewards only those who acknowledge its presence and make the most of it.

It is NOW that you have which will soon pass away.

What are you doing NOW ?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

M is for Measure - #atozchallenge

Maths is either loved or hated, but it is an absolute essential without which survival and progress of a person is determined.

Directly or indirectly each person measure's time and celebrates birthday's, measure's money and feels content or measure's cholesterol and feels safer.

Even though Ignorance is bliss, any sane person has to know the value of measure and take actions based on what has been measured.

Are you aware you can measure the hotness of chilli too?

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Learning - #atozchallenge

Live life any way you want, you are only alive till you are learning.

Knowledge is power. The infinite ocean of information cannot be learnt in a life time that is why we choose a narrow discipline.

Some of us and our ancestors have fathomed this and have resorted to goal of learning to discipline one's thoughts to control self and in turn control the surroundings. They learn the secret to happiness to let go of one's desires.

Each and every day you can be better and wiser if you keep learning about something you like. This will keep you humbled and propel you to act better whenever you are faced with a choice.

What have you learnt today ?

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

K is for Knack - #atozchallenge

Knowing either you have it or you don't for something is described a Knack.

Confidence in one's own abilities plays a big role in application of that ability.Even the best of talent's is not enough if not properly backed up by confidence. Luck plays its part in meeting up opportunities with preparation.

So the next time someone tells you you have a Knack for something, remember that the ability to recognize it, improve on it with efforts and proper grooming will help you retain it.

With Knack of something its just a matter of time when it disappears as you evolve.

Can you connect this Knack post of reading between the lines the intent of this write up? In other words, do you have the Knack? Which one?

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Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jeopardy !!! #atozchallenge

Just as you hear the word Jeopardy there is a 99% chance that you will think of the TV Show.

Jeopardy is an intellectual show with a great first impression. It reminds me of the Whats the good Word show of the 80's hosted by Sabina Merchant.

Jeopardy the word means danger or hazard, while the show has a great format of figuring out the question based on hint(s) to the answer for a particular domain.

This is one show which is definitely challenging for the interested intellectuals and investigates the depth of one's knowledge and learning. It competes with Who want's to be a millionaire? and other quiz formats and excels and stands above above the rest.

So who want's to play Jeopardy now? Are you ready for the Danger?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Inertia - #atozChallenge

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

The fundamental law of physics states "A body continues to be in its state of rest or uniform motion, unless acted upon by an external force". This tendency is called Inertia.

My observation has been, each individual's actions, talk and thought also exhibits inertia. On one hand, the capabilities of the brain are limitless but in reality it is Inertia of thoughts which restricts the exploration.

Imagination is an acquired talent. If one can brush off the inertia of rest and put their thoughts and actions in control of their will, that person can escape the limits of their environment.

Are you ready to push the envelope ?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hiccups - #atozchallenge

One thing I simply hate is Hiccups.

Common remedies work in stop gap arrangement with the occurrence and complete fail to control it. Drinking lots of water, Eating a pinch of sugar, Taking a pause in breathing, Shock Treatment etc etc are often suggested by those who care.

The first time I received shock treatment was really memorable. A stranger asking for borrowed money shocked the hiccups out of me. But now I guess I don't get shocked anymore.

As always Time is the best healer and Time is what I do not want to spare for hiccups.

Have a Hiccup free time ahead !!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gambit - #atozchallenge

No Pain No Gain.

As you Sow, so shall you Reap.

Before time and above destiny, no one receives anything. - Bhagavad Gita.

In chess parlance, a gambit  is a tactics to give up a pawn or piece to get a developmental advantage.

Often when faced with options, one should use Common Sense, but that being uncommon, based on limited experience and perspective, a person often unknowingly plays a Gambit. Some consider it their Gut feeling, while in retrospective they might find it foolish.

Of course as in the game, sometime it works out but many times it does not. Every single day, when faced with choices, the choice you make defines you.

What gambits have you played in life so far ?

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